How to create a ReactJS app from scratch

This article will talk about creating a ReactJS web app from scratch, without using the npx command, npx create-react-app-sample app. Let’s get into the process step by step with an understanding of each code line.



You’ll need a text editor ar first since this is where you’ll write the actual coding. You can use the built-in text editor on your desktop, although this is not advised. There are a lot of different code editors available. Visual Studio Code is the preferred choice because it is lightweight, open-source, and has a large community…

This post contains a description of the most relevant new JavaScript language components, which are useful for a wide range of simple programming tasks.

We can see many articles and blog posts about the latest language elements that ECMAScript from 2015 afterward, added to JavaScript. Typically, these papers introduced a large number of new technologies without regard for their relevance, and sometimes with artificial programming examples that do not help to demonstrate the possible use of a new function, unless you are not a beginner.

Here, we discuss the most important new JS elements in this article, which are generally…

JavaScript is a well-known programming language among all most all developers including front end, back end, and DevOps developers. It is a dynamic computer programming language and very easy to use because of its lightweight property. JavaScript can be used to build dynamic web pages which greatly affects the user attraction towards the website through these client-side scripts. Also, it interprets object-oriented features which would be very easy to implement, especially for beginners.

As an interesting fact about JavaScript, or JS as for the short name, it was named at the beginning as LiveScript in 1995 and was changed by…

Sasindu Usgalhewa

I am an undergraduate student of SLIIT, Sri lanka.

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